Suaimhneas on Loop Head

Suaimhneas on Loop Head

21 Feb, 2022


Suaimhneas = ‘Tranquility’

The Loop Head Peninsula is known for its wild landscapes and cliffscapes. You’ll always find a quiet spot to sit and watch nature putting on spectacular displays. Nature watching can bring a real sense of ease and can create much needed clarity. There are many ways for you to discover this sense of Suaimhneas on the Loop.

One of these ways, is a visit to Purecamping, a glamping and camping eco retreat that offers regular Yoga and Meditation classes and retreats.

“We are a wild natural retreat space offering you time to slow down a little and live a simple life for a few days.
The Irish word ‘Suaimhneas’ means  tranquility or serenity. We offer single and multi day retreats throughout the year. These retreats are designed to give you the means to find some Suaimhneas in your life.
Suaimhneas is closely related to the concept of Santosha in Sanskrit, meaning contentment. It also relates to many of the other Yamas and Niymas, the observances to be followed according to traditional Yoga philosophy. Ahimsa, is non-violence, Satya, is truth. Aparigraha, the letting go of things that we don’t need to hold on to.”

Trea, Yoga teacher and co-owner of Purecamping




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