Walking around Loop Head

Walking around Loop Head

27 Jul, 2021

A ramble around Loop Head takes in wildlife, history, geology, heritage, scenery and of course the obligatory stops to chat with the locals and enjoy a meal or a coffee. You can please yourself: either wander wherever the road and the mood take you, or try a guided walk led by a knowledgeable local chaperone.

Self-guided looped walks around Loop Head include Kilcredaun to Rinevella and back, taking in the drowned forest and the Kilcredaun lighthouse; the 15km Loop Head Lighthouse circuit; and any of several historical and scenic walks around Kilkee.

Loop Head Walking Tours offers professional guided walks and hikes around the peninsula. Local guide Martin Haugh’s schedule includes nature and birdwatching walks, historical town walks, and heritage walks, each approximately two hours long.

More recently, the community has put together a selection of walks around the bog roads and back roads of the peninsula and have just completed a project which has mapboards installations in the small villages and towns. Here are some maps showing you the walks.




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