The Bridges of Ross

The Bridges of Ross

14 Mar, 2021

Bridges of Ross, Loop Head Peninsula, Co Clare_masterresize

Historically the Bridges of Ross referred to a trio of spectacular natural sea arches, two of which have since fallen into the sea.

While only one ‘bridge’ remains the name remains in the plural. As the remaining bridge cannot be seen from the road, visitors can walk a few hundred metres west along the footpath from the Bridges of Ross car park.

If you’re a keen bird watcher, then turn your eyes skyward, as the Bridges of Ross is a great spot for bird-watching. During the autumn migration, thousands of seabirds fly close to the shore during their travels southbound. Keep an eye out for species like Manx Shearwater, Storm Petrels, Little Auks, and more.

With picnic tables close by, why not take a basket with you and enjoy an afternoon by the Wild Atlantic Ocean.



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