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Bishop’s Island is an example of a sea stack, which is a geological landform consisting of a steep, often vertical column of rock in the sea near the coast.

Join us in Loop Head this weekend for our annual wellness weekend. A time to relax, exercise, nourish your body with amazing healthy foods and a simply to get back to nature.

Meet each Sunday at 12pm for our community walk and have a chat, fresh air and a good sense of wellbeing.

If the forecast is for rain or showers and you’re not sure whether to go out or stay at home, then go. Nature herself may reward you!

With its many health benefits and curative properties, fresh coastal air refreshes your respiratory organs, revitalises your senses, and invigorates your mind & body.

The Loop Head Peninsula in southwest County Clare is where the River Shannon flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Dramatic cliff-scapes, stony coves, sand beaches and estuarine mudflats, provide an irresistible invitation to the independent traveller who is keen to enjoy naturally formed architecture, oceanic skies and places less travelled.

The Atlantic Ocean has long been associated with providing benefits to our health and wellbeing People have been visiting Loop Head for therapeutic purposes which date back at least as far as the early 19th century. Apart from the restorative effects of just being on the peninsula – breathing the ozone-rich air, soaking in the […]

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